Thirsty Inc. and Who Got Da Streetz Management  LLC, will be hosting its first service and pep rally tour. Along with some of our biggest supporters, we will bring youth motivation to do well in school and give back to their city. 

This tour is to promote service learning and community through our teenagers and young adults.

 Project H2O is Thirsty's way of giving back and installing service in our youth's life style. We will visit various local non profit organizations and volunteer for no more than 4 hours a day with family and peers.

As we promote good to our youth, we provide youth with relatable events that makes it interesting to participate in our various Projects. 

During this pep rally we will have...

  • Student/Teacher Games
  • Cheerleader and/or band performance (with the help of your staff) 
  • Clean Freestyle Battles for both students and teachers
  • DJ Performance

… Although we will not hand out flyers we ask that schools connect us with clubs and teams to sign up groups of students to complete service learning opportunities.