Project HMO


What is HMO

HMO (Hear Me Out) is an eight week, artist development workshop series that gives youth hands-on experience in the Entertainment industry. Thirsty Inc. and Who Got da Streets Management will provide youth ages 12-18 insight on various professions within the entertainment business. Each of our 10 locations will give youth a chance to explore their field of interest, whether it's ...

  • Producing
  • Sound Technician  
  • Light Management 
  • DJing 
  • Marketing and Promotions 
  • Graphic Designer
  • Tour Management 
  • Artist Managers 
  • Stylist 
  • Artist 

Throughout the eight weeks, youth will be able to identify different parts of the entertainment business and explore artists and their experiences within the industry. Youth will also learn the basics of entrepreneurship and look more into themselves, to learn how these learned trades and skills will allow them to make a difference within the community. 

Schedule of Events

Application Period: Aug. 29th - Oct. 4th. 

Orientation: Oct. 17th 

Series Start: Oct. 21st 

Series End: Dec. 20th 


Each student is required to fill out an application during the application period. Students will also  be chosen based on a letter of how this workshop series would put them one step closer to their goals, community involvement and grades. Youth are expected to keep grades up during the course of the eight weeks and will not be allowed to participate in hands-on workshops unless teacher acknowledges hard work and improvement. Students MUST have three recommendations (at least two being non-relative). 

Throughout the camp, youth are also required to serve the community with 10 hours of community service.. 

This application is not hard. However be sure to put time and effort in your words, for passion is the key element our team is looking for. There is a process so be sure to give yourself time to complete the steps required. Please turn in all applications by the deadline October 4th 2019. Late apps will not be accepted.